Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Overnight - A roundup of news items that you might have missed

SilentPatriot asks a good question about the fallout over the "bitter" remarks (yeah, lots of us are bitter - and some of us are armed - that's reality, so deal with it.) Looking at the poll results you see on the right, SP ponders the following: I wonder if the media regrets having picked this fight, if only because it shows how “out of touch” they are with “small town America” from their cushy DC and NY studios? (click to enlarge) In other words - Got Blowback?

Craven bastard...Former Israeli prime minister and current rabid sociopath and insane likudnik Bibi Netanyahu told a crowd at Bar Ilan university that Israel benefited from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 because it improved the average American's perception of Israel, and that Israel benefits from "America's struggle in Iraq." He proved he is at least as insane as Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Ahmadinejad might deny that three thousand died that day, but Netanyahu ascribes a goal of world domination to a country comprised predominantly of Shi'ite Persians, surrounded by (potentially hostile) Sunni Arabs and that spends less per capita on defense than any nation in the region. (For the record? They are both barking fucking mad.)

From the department of broken irony meters
Yesterday on Hannity & Colmes, Harvard Law graduate Hugh Hewitt took a swipe at Barack Obama's "elite" education with a dismissive
“That Harvard Law School stuff, it shows.” He went on to say he could say those things because he has "midwestern roots" (born in Ohio, but has spent his career in NYC & LA). Perhaps he should have taken a course in geography while he was at Harvard - Obama's mother was from Kansas and he has led a public life in Illinois for two decades.

From the department of broken irony meters II The Pope stopped by the White House for a brief visit today, bearing a message of peace and a plea for diplomacy. He was met by a military band playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

But it gets worse - after the Pope finished speaking, the current occupant told him his speech was "awesome." Then there was the protocol faux pas - Laura was dressed all in white - a definite no-no when standing next to the pope.

We need a food safety gut-check Over the last two decades, we have returned to The Jungle.

FISA Fight heads back to the Senate and both Leahy and Conyers want the Senate to pass the House version, which does not include immunity for the telecoms that spied on us and archived our email for the NSA. With Democrats showing spine and Republicans seeming ready to abandon this losing fight, the timing seems right.

Arrogant fools! Here is a word to the wise for authoritarian regimes everywhere - if you don’t want to be scrutinized on the global stage, maybe don’t pitch a non-stop, decade-long fit demanding a turn hosting the Olympics. Cause when they give ‘em to you to shut you up, then the scrutiny starts. If you have a Potemkin fa├žade workin’ - keep your vanity in check and don’t worry about hosting the Olympics.

Before Kent State, there was the Orangeburg Massacre at South Carolina State College Two years before the shootings at Kent State, South Carolina state troopers opened fire on a group of students after several days of mounting tensions, stemming from efforts to integrate an all-white bowling alley. Three were killed and 28 were wounded. As the victims were black, the story got half-assed coverage at the time, but now, two new films are about to address this neglected episode of history. Dan Klores, now a filmmaker in New York City, was a student at nearby University of South Carolina and has been looking for a way to introduce the Orangeburg Massacre, and his latest project, “Black Magic” provided it - it is a two-part, four hour feature for ESPN about basketball programs at traditionally black colleges. One of those gunned down was a star high school basketball player, on campus that day to drop by his mother’s place of work. It was enough of a connection to incorporate it into his movie. The second film, “Orangeburg,” is a two hour PBS documentary scheduled to air later this year.

Here is a good, bipartisan idea Curb the use (abuse is more like it) of National Security Letters by the FBI to collect reams of personal data about American citizens.

The New York Times live-blogged the debate if you were lucky enough to miss it, I'm not sure you should bother. It was pretty damned lame, and managed to piss me off five times within three minutes, so, maybe go fritter some time away at Toonpedia instead. Wile E. was less frustrated by the Roadrunner than I am by the fucking media right now...Bein' a Democrat ain't for the faint of heart...

I would be too! McCain on MSNBC Live earlier today: "
[F]rankly, I'm very pleased with the relationship that I've had with the media over many years."