Saturday, April 12, 2008

Overnight - A roundup of news items that you might have missed

Lungless frog discovered in Indonesia A new species of frog has been discovered in a remote part of Indonesia. The aquatic frog has a unique respiratory system, breathing through it's skin instead of via specialized organs.

Saving whales takes more than bumper stickers
Whale spotters off the Georgia coast have a different purpose these days. Rather than collecting scientific data, they are recording information to protect Atlantic Right Whales from collisions with shipping vessels that frequently result in dead whales and orphaned whale calves.

Yarmuth Connects the Dots Kentucky Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth blamed the war in Iraq for Americas economic woes. Yarmuth delivered the Democratic weekly address this week. "General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker failed to offer a plan to change direction in Iraq and redeploy our troops," Yarmuth said. "Instead, they offered more of the same, with U.S. troops and taxpayers paying the price." The U.S. government has spent "more than half-a-trillion dollars" in support of the war effort, while that money could be spent on pressing needs in this country, he said. A February AP-IPSOS poll found that Americans cite the war in Iraq as a leading cause of the current economic insecurity. Yarmuth is just echoing his constituents.

At least he takes pride in his perfidy Former Senator Trent Lott bemoaned his new life as a lobbyist as "not as cushy" as his life in the Senate, where he lived high on our dime and the largess of lobbyists. “I haven’t paid for lunch in 30 years,” he admitted.

I'm sure it's the tough job market...that's gotta be the sole reason why Fredo can't get a gig...

How offensive to Nixon's heirs! Julie and Tricia are still very much alive and have feelings you know! Lawyers for the House Judiciary Committee drew comparisons between the current occupant and the 37th president when they filed a motion in Federal court in support of their civil contempt lawsuit against Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton.

A second term as Prime Minister for Zapatero Spanish lawmakers on Friday gave Zapatero the nod to form his second government after his Socialist party won elections in March but not by decisive majoroities. He now officially owns the slumping economy, the resurgent Basques and no solid parliamentary

New Government in Pakistan moves to lift media restrictions The newly seated parliament in Pakistan introduced legislation last week that would roll back press restrictions put in place by President Pervez Musharraf last year when he declared a state of emergency.

Air Force General proposes White Paper addressing space issues
Lieutenant General Michael Hamel, commander of the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center is arguing that in order for the next president to be truly ready "on day one" that person needs to be presented with a comprehensive white paper addressing space issues, services and capabilities across the civil, military and commercial space worlds.