Monday, April 21, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary Precautions

Before the polls open in Pennsylvania in the morning, let's remember what's really at stake in the remaining primaries: Control of the Narrative.

Hillary Clinton cannot - repeat, cannot - win the nomination. She lost philosophically on Super Tuesday and mathematically in Texas.

What she can do, however, is win enough delegates to cast permanent doubt about Obama among Democrats, independents and even fed-up Republicans.

I don't actually care why she's bound and determined to see this suicidal course through to the end; suffice that nothing, up to and including endorsements of Obama from Al Gore, Bill Clinton and John McCain - is going to stop her.

So the only remaining goal for Democrats who actually care about winning the general election in November is to make sure that Hillary does not control the narrative.

No matter how tomorrow's Pennsylvania presidential primary (seriously, it should get an alliteration award) turns out, here's what Hillary is going say:

"This is a huge win for the real Democrats who support warmongering conservatives like me, and a huge, disastrous and well-deserved defeat for the elitist, Communist terrorists who worship Boy Obama like a god."

And here's how you counter it:

One month ago, Survey USA had Hillary up 19 points in Philadelphia. One week ago, Survey USA had her up 12 points. This morning, it had her clinging to a six-point lead.

Let me make this crystal clear right now:

Any Pennsylvania result that falls short of Hillary winning by 10 points is a ginormous defeat for the superannuated Goldwater Girl.

Don't let anybody tell you anything different.

Tomorrow night: What the Pennsylvania result means for the May 20 primary in Kentucky.

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