Friday, May 2, 2008

How to Vote When You Want Them All to Lose

For years, I have been demanding that Democratic candidates and elected officials stand up proudly for what they believe. Stand up in front of voters, tell them what you believe and insist that if they share those beliefs, they must vote for you. Stand up in office and vote for what you believe, just because that's what you believe.

How can I do any differently? I will vote in the Kentucky Democratic Primary for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat based on what I believe.

I believe Bruce Lunsford is a turncoat and liar who cannot be trusted as far as a child could throw him (he's pretty short.)

I believe Greg Fischer is what Media Czech calls a "thrillionaire:" in the race for the ego trip, lacking any genuine progressive values.

I believe Michael Cassaro has good intentions, but knows nothing about politics or managing a campaign.

I believe David L. Williams runs for office as a hobby, and desperately needs a new one.

I believe Kenneth Stepp might have potential, but he seems unable to establish, much less build, a base of support even in his hometown.

I believe James Rice is a Republican who saw opportunity in a wide-open Democratic primary.

I believe David Wylie thinks his appointment by Governor Patton to a state commission was way more politically influential than it really was.

I believe Andrew Horne is an honorable man and a great candidate who would have had the financial support of progressives everywhere and who would have beaten Mitch McConnell. I still don't understand exactly why he dropped out, but if he really believed what Governor Steve Beshear and DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer told him about how he couldn't win without their support then he's too gullible to be Senator.

I believe that no matter who wins the Democratic Senate nomination, Mitch McConnell is going to win the general election in November.

So I'm voting for the candidate who has been from the beginning and still remains Democrats' best chance to win. As a bonus, I believe every vote this candidate earns will stick in the craw of Beshear and Schumer, and that will be one small victory.

Andrew Horne.

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