Thursday, May 29, 2008

My City's Carbon Footprint is Bigger Than Your City's Carbon Footprint

Take that, Los Angeles! You think your traffic's sooooo special - HA! Lexington, Kentucky's traffic is so bad that it's given the Horse Capitol of the Universe the biggest carbon footprint of any city in the country.

Lexington may be the smallest of the 100 biggest American cities, but it's got the most humongousest carbon footprint of them all. Bigger than LA's, bigger than New York's, bigger even than oil-smothered Houston's.

And of course bigger (though just a little) than that Ohio River upstart, Louisville.

So all you anti-development, Webb-Brothers-hating, bicycle-riding, suburb-condescending, mass-transit-begging snivelers can just shut up with the I-told-you-sos. If Lexington had paid attention to your complaining the last 20 years, today Lexington might have only the 50th biggest carbon footprint, or even be hiding its face among the cities with teeny, tiny carbon footprints. The poor things.

Instead, Lexington is mentioned on the front page of major metropolitan dailies all over the country as the worst - I mean biggest - of them all.

Taylor Shelton at GreenKY discusses why the Bluegrass is so un-green, and you can read the Brookings Report and check out your own city's ranking here.

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