Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Presidential Primary Road Show Finally Opens in Kentucky

As I've written before, as far as I'm concerned, the Democratic Presidential Primary ended after the majority of Texas delegates went to Senator Obama. The battle is now against McBush and the wingnut freakazoids.

However, Senator Clinton appears not to have gotten the memo.

So, after a brief stop in West Virginia next week, the Great Fifty State Primary arrives in state number 47, the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Where, much to progressive delight, the good guys are lining up with Senator Obama, and the bad guys with Senator Clinton.

Media Czech of Barefoot and Progressive nails it, as usual.

Barack Obama will have John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler at his side, two squeaky clean guys, one of whom is the single best progressive Democrat we have in this state, and the other whom I'm hopeful will straighten up and make us proud this year.

Who will Hillary Clinton have at her side? The festering boil on the ass of the Kentucky Democratic Party: Jerry Lundergan. And his henchman, Jonathan Hurst. And Steve Friggin' Henry.

One of the (many) reasons we, progressives, all worked so hard to get Steve Beshear elected was to oust the untrustworthy Lundergan and his good ol' boy clan from power.

And what is Hillary doing? Letting all the good 'ol boys run back into the room so they can control things.

Jerry Lundergan is EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE KENTUCKY DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Want the endless Mark Nickolas dossier at Bluegrass Report? Here.

As I wrote back in March, the appearance of Lundergan leading Senator Clinton's Kentucky campaign was more than sufficient proof that she is doomed in Kentucky. Now it looks like Lundergan's slimy negativity field might have slithered across the border to hurt her in Indiana.

Steve Henry's appearance on her side just added the turd topping to the campaign's giant Cake O' Failure. Former Lt. Governor Henry has a genuine talent for turning to shit everything political he touches. And causing financial chaos in every campaign he joins.

Polls may have Senator Clinton up by 25-35 points, but Lundergan and Henry have fucked up against bigger odds than that.

Corss-posted at Blue in the Bluegrass.