Saturday, May 3, 2008

What Do You Know That The Next President Needs to Know?

Attention students:

What have you learned from personal experience that the next President should know before setting the agenda for the country?

That 18-year-olds should not have to risk their lives in war in order to afford to go to college?

That getting a job to save money for college requires already having the college degree you can't get without a job?

That your best friend since the fourth grade is living in a homeless shelter because even though she was born in this country, her parents weren't, so they were deported and forced to leave their minor children alone?

That the reason your house was foreclosed is that your mother got sick after she lost her job and health insurance, not that she bought a bunch of luxuries she couldn't afford?

If you are a high school or college student, you could earn $1,000 by answering that question in an orginal, thoughtful essay for The Nation.

Winning essays will also be published in the venerable magazine that gives you, in the immortal commercial words of Sam Waterston, "that liberal media bias you can't find anywhere else."

Email entries by May 31, 2008 to

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