Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beware DCCC Bearing Gifts

Democratic Congressional candidate David Boswell has made the DCCC's potential funding list, which probably dooms him to a double-digit loss.

Boswell, a state senator from Owensboro, is a classic DINO mouthing progressive platitudes just long enough to fool real Democrats desperate to take back a republican seat into voting for him.

Actually, he doesn't even bother to pretend to be progressive. His website, which lacks an issues page, mentions tax credits - the perennial repug favorite non-solution to everything - and threatens criminal sanctions against illegal aliens.

But it's in his senate voting record where his real political beliefs shine through. This year, he supported Senate Bill 40 to require doctors performing abortions to first take an ultrasound image of the fetus and then - wait for it - show the image to the patient.

Otherwise known as the "Look Upon Your Sins and Repent, You Evil Whore!" Bill.

Similar votes by Boswell in 2007 and 2006 prove he is a charter member of the Justice Anthony Kennedy "We have to protect these poor weak females from themselves" school of health care law.

Boswell is running for an open seat in the Second District, since seven-term repug Ron Lewis is stepping down. His opponent is Bowling Green state senator Brent Guthrie, who as a genuine republican is going to clean fake republican Boswell's clock, no matter how much money the DCCC pours into the race.

Meanwhile, in far Western Kentucky's First District, Mitch McConnell Nemesis Heather Ryan, a genuine proud-and-loud Liberal Democrat who is firing up progressives across the state, struggles against incumbent Waste of Oxygen Ed Whitfield without a dime of support from the DCCC.

The fact that the DCCC is considering supporting Boswell and ignoring Heather Ryan is yet more proof that the DCCC has its head up its ass.

Remember, this is the organization which in 2006 refused to give the Third District's John Yarmuth a dime, but showered Second District challenger Mike Weaver with bad advice to run as a Bush-supporter.

Anybody remember how that one came out? Yep, the DCCC-ignored Proud Liberal Yarmuth won, and the DCCC-helped Bush-lover Weaver lost.

Even if the coming Democratic tsunami passes Kentucky by this year, I'll bet right now that Real Democrat Ryan does better than DINO Boswell.

Cross-posted at Blue in the Bluegrass.