Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 14 news roundup and analysis

Obama the neolib?

At TPM Café, Jim Sleeper does an EXCELLENT job of explaining how Obama really is a neoliberal in many ways. Many at TPM didn’t like the idea.

Saudis claim will pump more oil

Color me among the skeptics. And, I’m not alone.

DOE has 10-cent hybrid bone, for U.S. companies only

As Wired notes, just $30 million in Department of Energy money for plug-in hybrids is a pittance. Second, as I note on my blog post, could this type of grant be a WTO violation?

Nutbar love for Barr?

Ron Paul seems to be getting more comfy with Libertarian prez candidate Bob Barr. I already blogged recently, Obama can win without taking Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida. Barr could well put Virginian, Nevada and maybe Arizona into play.

Passive Pelosi, Denny the Impeacher and Miss Cindy

With Speaker Pelosi getting pretty passive on the idea of impeachment, is she trying to protect 2002 prowar Democrats from Bush subpoenas before House Judiciary on Iraq war impeachment articles? Or protecting herself from similar testimony on warrantless spying articles?

And, with that, I remind you that Cindy Sheehan is still running for Pelosi’s seat.

Reminder two: There’s a petition to remove Pelosi from the Speakership.

A Godless campaign?

Timothy Egan gets a gold star among MSM pundits for this simple suggestion.

$2 a pop for pop

No more free sodas on U.S. Airways — it’s $2 a pop for pop now.

Further comment and analysis on all these at my blog.