Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15 news roundup and analysis

First Amendment, students and irony

Shasta High School, in Redding, Calif., recently had its school newspaper shut down, though it has gotten a reprieve.

Why? Because the top story of the last issue for 2007-08 was about flag-burning, complete with picture.

For more of the details, it’s on my blog; to send Principal Milan Woolard some cyberlove, like e-mailing him the actual First Amendment, or whatever else you can think of drop him a cyberline.

Or, e-mail him another flag-burning picture for his collection, like I did:

The clueless Kevin Drum

Why does Kevin Drum hate caribou? Beyond that, why does he continue to write neo-centrist squishy posts like this, with strawman setups of environmentalists, while believing in a Reagan-like pony of “reasonable conservatives”? For a more complete takedown of what I call not just his worst post of the week but the worst in at least a month, see my blog.

Another winner from Sean Wilentz

As I note, his “The Age of Reagan” could be subtitled “The Age of Cheney.” This is a good connect-the-dots political history of the last 35 years. It also provoked several “counterfactual history” ruminations in me.

For example, what if:
• Bush and not Rocky had been Ford’s VP appointment choice?
• Reagan had pulled off his somewhat amateurish attempt to take the 1968 GOP nomination away from Nixon?
For the answers to these, more questions Wilentz provoked, and my review, see my blog. For more on the book, go to Amazon.