Friday, June 6, 2008

Kentucky's Undecided Supers Still Dithering


As Democratic Super Delegates continue to fall into line behind presumptive nominee Barack Obama, three cling desperately to their false image of neutrality, even as the sands run out on the deadline imposed by national party leaders.

The three are Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Kentucky Democratic Party Chair and Vice-Chair Jennifer Moore and Nathan Smith.

Their first excuse was that as party leaders, they had to stay neutral until after the Kentucky primary on May 20.

On May 21, even after Clinton beat Obama by 36 points, still they dithered and delayed. Their new excuse was that they were waiting for the final primaries in Montana and South Dakota June 3.

Now, 60 hours after the polls closed in the final primary state, 48 hours after national party leaders acknowledged Senator Obama as the presumptive nominee, 24 hours after Senator Clinton told her supporters that she will suspend her campaign and endorse Obama, Beshear/Moore/Smith have made their choice clear:

We can't decide!

This is no longer political expediency, no longer delusional Hillary hope, no longer even backroom maneuvering for special favors.

As Page One puts it:

Please! Just grow some damn balls.

UPDATE, Saturday, 6:30 a.m.: At the last possible minute and far, far too late to do the state he "leads" any good at all, last night Governor Steve Beshear endorsed Senator Obama. Meanwhile, Page One has the low-down on the underhanded manipulations of the state party convention by Beshear and his minions at the Kentucky Democratic Party.

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