Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Triumph of Howard Dean

From an early Deaniac who gave money I could not afford to Howard's campaign back in May 2003, to all the DLC cowards who swore Howard Dean would destroy the Democratic Party, let me just say this:

Nyah, nyah, nyah, NYAH, nyah. Toljaso, toljaso, toljaso. Howard was RIGHT! Deaniacs RULE! PHHTHHBBBTTT!

Of course Obama is letting Howard Dean stay on as chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Obama knows perfectly well that it was the DNC's human sacrifice of Howard Dean in Iowa in 2004 which -

led directly to Dean's election by grass-roots supporters to the chairmanship, which -

led directly to the establishment nationwide of Dean's 50-state strategy, which -

led directly to the Democrats' 2006 takeover of Congress, which -

led directly millions of new Democratic voters giving the presidential nomination to Howard Dean's metaphorical, if not actual, protege: Barack Obama.

Back in February 2004, after Howard Dean dropped out of the presidential race, the only thing that prevented mass suicide among Deaniacs was the hope of turning our passion and our anger and our determination to the long-term project of taking over the un-progressive, anti-liberal, Dean-hating Democratic Party.

After all, it took the neocons only 16 years from Goldwater's defeat to Reagan's election to wrest control of the Republican Party from its well-behaved Eisenhower-ites.

Who could have imagined it would take Howard Dean less than five?

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