Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama's New Peeps

Polite smiles and handshakes from service members trained to be courteous is one thing; this is something else entirely.

HuffPo has the excerpt from ABC of Obama in Bagdad getting mobbed by cheering GIs and embassy employees.

That's right, the GIs McCain supposedly has in the bag; the embassy staff supposedly full of "loyal bushies," screaming, snapping pictures, straining and pushing to shake Obama's hand.

This is what he told them:

So I don't care whether you are a Sailor, a Soldier, an Airmen, or Marine. A National Guard, a Reservist, active duty, we just want to say thank you," Obama said.

"Back home, as I travel all across the country, every single day I meet your friends, your family members, your co-workers, and the main thing they want me to communicate is how proud they are of you," Obama continued. "They may disagree on politics. They may disagree on the issues. But the country is absolutely united in the excellence, the devotion, the dedication with which you have performed your duties, here."

Watching it made my whole day.

Apologies for the lack of an embed; click the link.

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