Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Video of the Year

Christopher Hitchens, apologist for the Iraq catastrophe and the Smirky/Darth maladministration in general, who has specifically pooh-poohed the idea that waterboarding could possibly be considered torture, recently got himself waterboarded for Vanity Fair.

No, I haven't watched it. Much as I have pined for Hitchens to get his richly deserved comeuppance, based on the descriptions given by people who have actually experienced it, I wouldn't wish waterboarding on anyone - even Hitchens.

Spencer Ackerman's description of the video is harrowing enough.

It took bare seconds for a desperate Hitchens to give the signal to stop the torture. But here's the real question: how long is it going to take Hitchens to recant?

h/t TPM

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