Friday, August 15, 2008

Isn't McCain acting a bit...presumptuous?

Several things went in my "WTF???" file while I was offline last night and waiting for the molemen to get my infrastructure-based internet connection repaired this afternoon.

Most of them have to do with the unfolding mess in the Caucasus and stuff that is coming out of McCain's mouth in that regard. First of all - didn't anyone else hear him accuse the Russians of bombing a pipeline? There is a problem with that assertion - it is unconfirmed. So there are only two ways to read that.

The first way to read it is that McCain is just making shit up.

The second option is that the Russians really did attack a pipeline, and the information has not been released and he shot his mouth off and jeopardized national security.

I can't find any acknowledgment that any pipeline was targeted. I don't doubt it was, but the intelligence agencies aren't confirming it. He is a member of the Armed Services Committee, and my gut feeling is he let a piece of classified information slip, and his base of support in the M$M has let him get away with it, like they let him get away with everything else. I say SASC ought to review his access in light of this. Especially if I'm right. If it turns out that Russia did target a pipeline, and that information is classified, and McCain blabbed it - and I am absolutely convinced that is what happened - the Armed Services Committee ought to review his limited senatorial access to classified information.

And by the way - where the hell are the charges in the media that McCain is being "presumptuous" by speaking to the President of Georgia and telling him a different thing than the sitting president is telling him? And what the fuck is up with sending Lindsey and Traitor Joe over as emissaries? Who are they speaking for and who is paying for their trip? The McCain campaign? Or the taxpayers?

And I didn't even get into how utterly presumptuous it has been of McCain to dispatch representatives and address the press referring to his "good friend Misha" - an appalling use of the familiar that people with a sense of respect and decorum were horrified by. Especially in light of the fact that McCain had mispronounced Mr. Saakashvili's name (he said Sashkavili) three times in that same press availability.

And while we are talking about his presumptuousness, who is he to speak for me and tell Mr. Saakashvili that "we are all Georgians" - I mean, what the fuck, over? I'm not a Georgian. I'm not sure which side gets the most blame, but I do know that there is plenty to spread around, and some of it can be assigned to the United States - specifically Condi Rice and the rest of the State Department - for being arbiters of mixed messages.

A couple of weeks ago when Barack Obama went to the Middle East and Europe, the press was all about calling him presumptuous and mocking him, accusing him of acting like he already had the job. Well, fellas. Here is some textbook presumptuous for your collection. You gonna call him on it, or are you so enthralled - raptured even - by the Mancrush that you just can't manage to practice actual journalism with your barbecue buddy?