Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oh, to be in Moneygall when the Convention starts

For your pre-Convention enjoyment, a video from last January, when a bunch of blue-collar ethnic types celebrated the Iowa caucuses in a pub 5,000 miles away.

Hard to remember now what a fluke Obama's Iowa victory seemed then, how everyone thought it was just his 15 minutes in the spotlight before the Hillary juggernaut buried him, how very naive these Moneygall partisans seemed with their "He proved his electability," and "Why can't he go all the way to the White House?" and "I'm sure he'll be the next president."

Tiny Moneygall had it right. Here's to you, Moneygall, and your emigrant son whose descendant we'll soon call Mr. President.

Cross-posted at Blue in the Bluegrass.