Friday, August 29, 2008

Repugs Idea of a VP: Miss Alaska Runner-Up

I'm a 10th-generation Democrat. I'd rather be waterboarded than vote for a Republican. I've given significant sums to Barack Obama.

But now that Walnuts Depends has picked a beauty queen as his running mate, I'm just going to have to abandon the rock-solid political beliefs that have shaped my entire life and vote for jonny'n'sarie.

Gotta give ol' McShame credit, though. I would have sworn he couldn't find a potential VP who was guaranteed to lose him more votes than either Bobby Jindal or Joe Lieberman would, but he did it.

And what about the dozens - nay, hundreds - of Republican state office-holders with many more years of experience than Sarie, and many months busting ass on the stump for McBush? Some of whom are also, you know, girls.

How must they be feeling right now? How eager do you think they are to work for this ticket? Might the Palin pick make some of them give Obama a second look?

This is one for the record books, alright. In oh so many ways.

Media Czech is all over this. Keep on scrolling and reading, and don't miss the Vogue cover shot.

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