Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Wish She'd Make This Into An Ad

From Suzanne Kosmas over the Tom Feeney Mea Culpa ad:

"Floridians deserve much more than just a 30 second, politically motivated 'apology' from Tom Feeney on a matter as serious as this one. Feeney has only raised more questions about his unethical behavior, particularly in light of his efforts to shut down a congressional ethics investigation," said Paul Dunn, Kosmas for Congress Campaign Manager.

Fifteen Questions for Feeney:

  • Why is Feeney apologizing after claiming he did nothing wrong in the first place?

  • When was the last time Tom Feeney spoke with the FBI?

  • Is he still cooperating with the FBI's investigation?

  • Can Feeney assure voters that their Congressman will not be indicted?

  • If indicted, will Feeney resign from Congress?

  • Have Tom Feeney's office records been subpoenaed?

  • Why did it take Tom Feeney five years to admit a mistake?

  • Why did Tom Feeney vote to block a congressional ethics investigation into members of Congress and their ties to Jack Abramoff?

  • Why did Tom Feeney claim he did nothing on behalf of imprisoned lobbyist Jack Abramoff when official records tell another story?

  • Why did Tom Feeney only pay back around $5,000 for the trip when court documents have shown the actual cost was closer to $20,000?

  • Why did it take Tom Feeney two years to return the $5,000?

  • How can a career politician, former lobbyist and Florida House Speaker like Tom Feeney claim to have made a rookie mistake?

  • Why hasn't Tom Feeney apologized for other unethical behavior through out his career?

  • If Tom Feeney values honesty and integrity so highly, why did he oppose landmark ethics reform legislation passed by Congress in 2007?

  • Why, for four consecutive years, has the non-partisan watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) listed Feeney as one of the 20 most corrupt members of Congress?
If you need a reminder, here's the ad and my thoughts on it.