Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let the Dirty Fighting Begin!


There's been a lot of spinsterish tut-tutting from Democrats about how we should ignore the unwed pregnancy of Sarah Palin's under-age daughter.

That's fine for the Obama campaign, which has, for good or ill, set itself on keeping to the high road.

But fighting the dirty alley fight in which the official campaign can't or won't engage is exactly what bloggers are for.

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So, to get ourselves worked up into the proper frame of mind, let's imagine the vicious, hateful, poisonous invective that would be coming from the repugs if it were Obama's 17-year-old unwed daughter who turned up pregnant.

Imagine that invective and then rachet it up a couple of notches.

  • Sarah Palin is a horrible mother who neglects her family in favor of her political career. If she'd been home to keep an eye on her teenage daughter, the little whore wouldn't have had a chance to get pregnant. If Sarah Palin had been more concerned about her daughter's welfare than her own political career, she would have taught her daughter about contraception.
  • Sarah Palin's pregnant, unwed daughter is a slut who's too stupid to figure out how to use a condom.
  • Who's the father of this baby anyway? Is he older than 17? If so, he's guilty of statutory rape. Why isn't he under arrest? After his conviction, he'll be a registered sex offender. Is Sarah Palin going to let her daughter marry a registered sex offender? If they do get married, and McCain wins the election, will McCain let a registered sex offender live in the White House?
  • Sarah Palin only gave birth to her Down's Syndrome baby in April because she knew having an abortion would mean the end of her political career. That's the same reason she's forcing her 17-year-old daughter to continue an unplanned pregnancy - just to protect sarie's political career.
  • If McCain didn't know about the unwed pregnancy, then he's an idiot who never bothered to vet Palin, just grabbed the first wingnut freakazoid c**t he could find.
  • If McCain did know about the unwed pregnancy, then he's trying to foist on the nation an immoral, irresponsible mother of a whore.

But jonny'n'sarie, don't let this intimidate you! This isn't a Tom Eagleton or Harriet Miers situation at all! You hang in there, sarie, right through the election. You've earned this and you're not going to let them take it away from you.

You hang in there, too, Walnuts. Don't listen to the naysayers - that little gal's a winner!

For what Palin proves about republicans and women, check out my first post at They Gave Us A Republic.

UPDATE, Wednesday, 5:23 a.m.:The Rude Pundit makes the superb point that if Sarah Palin had not accepted McCain's offer of a place on the ticket, no one outside Alaska would know anything about Bristol's pregnancy. Tell me again how mean it is to discuss this.

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