Monday, September 29, 2008

The Nightowl Newswrap

New York Sun 2002-2008 The NeoCon broadsheet will close up shop with tomorrow's edition. We will not miss their tireless warmongering and Likudnik bent.

Timing is everything The House of Representatives failed to pass the bailout bill that was packaged as the only way to avert Great Depression II - but they did manage to pass a resolution that commemorates the New Deal. Turns out they're for it. Unanimously. Go figure.

Okay...but we know her story and we hate her voice. So I don't think Sarah Palin talking doing more interviews and to reporters, etc, is going to win folks over. The relaunch is never as successful as the fanfare for the original.

Hostages freed in Egypt 19 hostages who were seized by gunmen in a remote desert area of Egypt ten days ago were freed by commandos early Monday in the Sahara near the borders of Sudan, Egypt and Libya, a day after soldiers chased down and killed at least half the kidnappers, according to government officials. The hostages were returned to Cairo aboard a military aircraft and given physicals at a military hospital, where they were given a clean bill of health.

This is just disgusting Instead of pudgy and pasty, it turns out gamers are "surprisingly fit" - in fact, they are more fit than the average American. And no, my 25 year old son, who is also amazingly fit, will never let me forget this.

Schwartzenegger vetoes voter-information bill A bill drafted in the wake of the February primary that left poll workers and independent, or decline-to-state voters confused and asking for clarification, was vetoed over the weekend by Ah-nold. The law would have required poll workers to notify independents in writing of their right to a ballot from any party that allows independents to cast ballots in their primary - Democrats do, republicans don't - many independent voters who went to the polls on Super Tuesday were mistakenly told they could not vote a Democratic ballot.

The Jules Verne completes its mission by burning up on reentry The Jules Verne was an unmanned cargo ship launched by the European Space Agency, to deliver food, fuel, water and supplies to the International Space Station. After the supplies were unloaded, the vessel was loaded with the stations accumulated trash and sent back, with the intent it incinerate in the atmosphere.

Karzai says the new civilian government in Pakistan will do a better job fighting terror: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai believes that the new civilian government will take more effective steps against the Pakistani Taliban on the Afghan border. This stance is the opposite of that of John McCain, who supported military dictator Pervez Musharraf (who was forced to resign as president in August under threat of impeachment). You can pretty much bet that if McCain is for it, the right place to be is against it.

Thanks for the melamine: British candy maker Cadbury announced a recall Monday of chocolate made in its Beijing factory after it was found to contain melamine, the industrial chemical that has sickened tens of thousands of Chinese children. The 11 recalled items were sold in parts of Asia and the Pacific, the company said in a statement. Cadbury's chocolates sold in the United States were not affected, said a spokesman for Hershey's, Cadbury's sole U.S. distributor.

Just a warning device? Really? The Maryland State Police helicopter that crashed late Saturday night was not equipped with a terrain awareness warning system that would have warned the pilot he was flying dangerously close to a grove of trees, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board said today. Board member Debbie Hersman said just three of 12 Maryland State Police helicopters use the warning system, despite an NTSB recommendation for emergency medical helicopters nationwide to begin using the equipment in January 2006. All turbine-powered aircraft with more than five seats are required to use system. During a 3 p.m. news briefing, Hersman also updated the timeline between the helicopter's takeoff and its crash landing inside Walker Mill Regional Park in Prince George's County. The pilot was cleared for landing at Andrews Air Force Base at 11:55 p.m. but lost communication with air traffic control two minutes later. The crash was recorded at 11:58 p.m. The sole survivor of the helicopter crash is expected to live, although she broke numerous bones, her parents said at the hospital this morning.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out They can lionize that old prick Pete Domenici till the cows come home, but he is still an old prick and he still tried to get a United States Attorney to meddle in an election, and when the attorney declined, he was later fired. Politicizing the Justice Department was - is - a big damned deal, and it shouldn't be glossed over just because one corrupt old bastard is fading from view.

Sarah Palin supports Hamas She is sooooo not ready for prime time. Good gawd...