Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nothing to Fear

Warren Street at They Gave Us A Republic steps back and takes a calm, cold-eyed look at what we're facing in the next five weeks.

Now is not the time to panic about anything. There is no impending financial meltdown crisis--that's a figment of the imagination ... Now is not the time to wonder about "martial law." ...

Everyone has to be prepared for the October Surprise. It's coming. ... It could be damned near anything.

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Calm heads must prevail. ... Every time something happens, we must be steely-eyed and non-plussed. We must double down and behave like an old Norwegian farmer who has seen and done it all. We must be prepared to weather a storm, fix a fence, react to a terrible blizzard, or put down a sick animal. We must have sturdy boots on our feet at all times for walking in the bullshit that scared, weak and terrified men are going to shovel about.

When things like this happen, we must laugh at them and then get deadly fucking serious quickly and deal with them. Obama did that today. He didn't blink. He said 'the show must go on' in not so many words and he ran McCain's gambit right back into his face with a smile and a cool, collected fuck you expression.

They will try to scare us all. We must not give in to any of it. We must laugh at these assholes and their panic. Then we must run it back up the gut and down their throats and step on their kidney when we walk back to the huddle.

We are not sheep, shivering with our heads down praying The Leader will protect us from the scary threat.

We are Americans. Our strength is not in our leaders, our military or even our economy. Our strength is in ourselves, individuals whose government works for us, whose representatives we choose, whose executives we reward and punish as we see fit.

We have been deceived for seven years, but that's over. John McCain's desertion of his post as presidential nominee has exposed the whole cowardly core of the republican party. The repugs have spent the last 14 years, since Gingrich's takeover of Congress, refusing to deal with this country's real challenges and avoiding responsibility for lethal malfeasance.

Vote Democratic, and do so not in hope of a savior, but as a citizen hiring the right expert to solve multiple problems.

No Fear.

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