Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Real "Maverick"

A little something to keep in mind as you watch Walnuts Depends' acceptance speech and/or the commentary afterwards.

For months, Steve Benen, formerly of Carpetbagger Report and now at Political Animal, has been keeping a list of all of John McCain's flip-flops since he started his most recent presidential campaign.

His stunning reversal on torture alone - from principled upholder of the Geneva Conventions and American decency to giggling, drooling cheerleader for waterboarding - is enough to disqualify him from any public officer.

But Benen has documented much, much more. (75 at last count.)

And when I say flip-flops, I don't mean the rational, common-sense changes in position resulting from new facts on the ground, as they say.

No, McShame's "flip-flops" are all cavalier jettisoning of his most passionately held core beliefs, reversed for the sole purpose of kow-towing to enough wingnut freakazoids to win the repug primary.

Totally ammoral, out of pure ambition. Every single one.

Read the whole thing.

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