Sunday, September 7, 2008

Repugs: Presidency a Joke

The "discarded flags" lie is just the latest proof that the repugs do not take this election or the presidency itself seriously.

As TPM reader LT wrote:

It really looks like the Republicans think that the Presidency, and election to it, is some kind of a joke. That it's a game which anyone can play at, so it doesn't matter if they grab a governor who is a political neophyte already embroiled in controversy on every front. It's a joke, so it's fine to ridicule and bully your opponent, fib, stall investigations, etc.

The "seriousness" (or "seriously?") narrative is the kind that could sway swing voters: independents don't want drama in their ticket -- they want people who can get down to business. They want a ticket that treats voters like sober adults, that treats an election to the Presidency seriously. McCain spokespeople say it's "Not about the issues?" What, so it's a high school popularity contest, then?

Yes, of course it is. Because since at least 1980, the repug candidates, the campaigns they run and the maladministrations they oversee are plainly not about issues or governing or even national security.

It's about power: obtaining it, wielding it in a way that enriches themselves and their cronies, and keeping it.

If they thought that nominating Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy on a platform of monthly virgin sacrifices would keep them in power, they'd do it.

With Senator POW-POW-POW Depends and Governor "You'll Keep That Fetus And Like It Young Lady" Caribou Barbie, we're just about there already.

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