Monday, October 27, 2008

Steal Back Your Vote

Are you registered to vote? Are you sure? In every state, election boards are purging registration lists of legal voters by the thousands.

Did you sign your driver's license with your middle initial, but use just our first and last name on your voter registration? Did the DMV clerk transpose the numbers on your street address? Does your fairly common name match that of a convicted felon? House in foreclosure? Gotten a speeding ticket lately? Going to college away from home? Oops, sorry - no voting for you!

The republican party may be devoid of ideas to restore the economy, eliminate our dependence on foreign oil or keep us safe, but its imagination knows no bounds when it comes to preventing Democrats from voting.

Infamous muckraker Greg Palast, along with Riverkeeper founder Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have documented repug election fraud tactics and come up with simple, effective ways to Steal Back Your Vote.

The best tactic is to vote early and in person - do NOT send an absentee ballot! - but even in states like Kentucky that do not allow early voting, it's not too late to protect your vote.

Even if you've voted for years with no problem, call your county clerk today and get confirmation that you are, indeed, registered to vote. Get it in writing if you can. Make sure you know where your polling place is, and try to get there as soon as possible after it opens at 6 a.m. - that way, if your right to vote is challenged, you'll have to time to protest and demand to exercise your right to vote. Do NOT accept a "provisional ballot" - they're never counted.

Check out this site for more information on protecting your right to vote.

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