Monday, November 10, 2008

Paul Hackett for DNC Chair

Our good friend Blue Girl has launched a campaign to make Paul Hackett the replacement for outgoing chair of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean.

He is the Marine who almost defeated mean Jeanne Schmitt in a house race in an extremely republican Ohio district. He is the Marine who called George Bush a "sonofabitch" and when outraged people demanded he apologize he said absolutely not. "Nope, I said it, I stand by it, and I would say it again," were his exact words. After that, when Rush "deferred from service for a pimple on his ass" Limbaugh called him a "staff puke" and denigrated his service, Hackett responded by calling Rush a "fatassed drug addict."

These are times that call for a strong leader, not that waste of skin (DNC Chair candidate Missouri Senator Claire) McCaskill, who will not be reelected to her Senate seat after rolling over for Bush immediately upon taking office.

Paul Hackett would bring military credibility to the DNC and a low tolerance for bullshit to the job, and if it was mine to offer, I would have him on the phone right now offering it and begging him to take it.

Kentucky Deaniacs know Paul Hackett well, having walked Cincinnati neighborhoods for him in his close 2004 Congressional race against Schmitt.

Deaniacs remember the ridicule we endured after the 2004 Iowa caucuses "Dean Scream," the abuse we took for supporting Howard for DNC chair, the insults and threats against Howard for "wasting" money on his "50-state strategy."

That would be same "50-state strategy" that snatched Congress away from the repugs in 2006 and carried Barack Obama to the White House last week.

We are not going to let some Smirky-fellating Blue Dog DINO like Claire McCaskell destroy Howard's legacy.

Send the DNC a message: Paul Hackett for DNC Chair!

Since the chair is chosen by state party committees, send the same message to your state Democratic Party. In Kentucky, that's here.

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