Monday, November 3, 2008

Proof of No god in North Carolina Election

If Liddy Dole loses re-election to the Senate, it proves there is no god.

Wait! Calm down - let me explain.

Liddy Dole has been running ads attacking her Democratic challenger as "godless" because she attended a function at which a handful of people were - hide your children! - atheists.

Without going into an encyclopedia's worth of detail on why this is the stupidest, most cynical, most ludicrous charge in the history of politics, let me just boil it down to this:

If there is a god, especially the kind of jealous, petty, insecure little god who punishes people for being in the same room as other people who don't believe in him, then obviously this god approves of Liddy Dole's attack ads and will reward her with re-election.

If, however, there is no god to lift Liddy Dole out of the fathoms-deep hole she's dug for herself with this ridiculous attack on a challenger who happens to be a deacon of her Christian church, then obviously Dole will lose.

Ergo: if Liddy Dole loses re-election to the Senate, there is no god.

Looking forward to getting this cleared up, once and for all.

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