Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Season of Giving; A Sense of Common Purpose

Here's your Holiday Miracle: the President-Elect's Christmas Eve address expresses the true meaning of the season without a single mention of baby jesus, wise men, stars in the east, mangers or even "god."

Take that, Rick Warren!

That is why this season of giving should also be a time to renew a sense of common purpose and shared citizenship. Now, more than ever, we must rededicate ourselves to the notion that we share a common destiny as Americans – that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper. Now, we must all do our part to serve one another; to seek new ideas and new innovation; and to start a new chapter for our great country.

That is the spirit that will guide my Administration in the New Year. If the American people come together and put their shoulder to the wheel of history, then I know that we can put our people back to work and point our country in a new direction. That is how we will see ourselves through this time of crisis, and reach the promise of a brighter day.

After all, that is what Americans have always done.

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