Sunday, January 18, 2009

KDP Can't Wait to Lose Jim Bunning's Seat in 2010

Kentucky Senator Jim "Non-Compos Mentis" Bunning's seat would be an easy pickup for the dems in 2010.

Would be, that is, if the Kentucky "Democratic" Party lived on the same planet as the Democratic Party that elected Barack Obama in a historic landslide and gained eight Senate seats.

But the Kentucky "Democratic" Party managed to lose not only the presidential race to a republican ticket that lost Indiana, not only a U.S. Senate seat to a very vulnerable Mitch McConnell, but also every single congressional, state house and state senate race without a democratic incumbent.

In fact, the KDP has not lost this huge in the entire history of the state party.

Here on Reality Planet, that would have resulted in the mass resignations/firings/public executions of every party official and central committee member and a radical overhaul of the party machinery.

What do you think happened on Planet Kentucky-Democrats-Are-Worthless? Exactly. The same idiots who turned a 2-1 registration advantage into Unprecedented Failure are feverishly planning a rerun for 2010.

At BlueGrassRoots, Rdemocrat notes Lt. Governor Dan Mongiardo's recent gesture toward announcing his run, and considers him the likely front-runner, along with Sixth District Congressman Ben Chandler

Besides his 0-and-1 record against Bunning, Dr. Dan has several handicaps: liberal democrats won't vote for him because we have never forgiven him - and never will forgive him - for sponsoring the 2004 gay hate constitutional amendement. Conservative democrats won't vote for him because they still think he's gay, despite or possibly because of Mongiardo's recent marriage to a girl 25 years younger than him. Forget beating Bunning; Dr. Dan won't survive the primary.

The Democratic primary is likely to be the most crowded in decades. Page One Kentucky insists that the leading Democratic candidate is Attorney General Jack Conway, and they're probably right, but the list gets long after that: Auditor Crit Luallen, Lt. Col. Andrew Horne, House Speaker Greg Stumbo, Sixth District Congressman Ben Chandler, Third District Congressman John Yarmuth, Perennial Losing Candidate Bruce Lunsford, Loser to Lunsford Greg Fischer, disgraced former Lt. Governor Steve Henry, defeated former House Speaker Jody Richards, and possibly my auto mechanic.

Among those, Luallen would absolutely make the best Senator, but even the pleas of a million desperate Democrats will not persuade Luallen to run. She passed up easy election to the Governor's Office in 2007, proving she's not interested in higher office.

Chandler and Yarmuth are rising rapidly in the Democratic Congress and probably won't sacrifice that for a chance to be a Senate rookie.

Stumbo just beat Richards in a Speaker's race he had no chance to win, reminding us never to count Greg out of anything.

Lunsford, Fischer, Henry and Richards would run on pure ego, but losing huge has yet to deter any of them.

I have a soft spot for Horne, who would have beaten Mitch McConnell last year if he hadn't withdrawn from the primary under pro-Lunsford pressure from the DSCC and Governor Beshear.

I like Jack Conway, but the reports that he's the favorite of the same people who dumped Horne for Loser Lunsford worry me.

And if the RNC does succeed in pushing Bunning out of the race in favor of Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, all bets are off.

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