Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Nightowl Newswrap

Kit Bond threw the chessboard in the air this morning with the unexpected announcement that he will not seek reelection to his United States Senate seat in the 2010 midterms. The comment thread that accompanies the post at the link are what you really need to read.

And if you are interested enough in Missouri's Senate race to read that thread you will undoubtedly want to read my friend Clark's rundown of what the coming race looks like as of today.

A line I wish I had written comes from Kos blogger Devilstower, who came up with this gem when writing about Bond's decision to retire: Podiums everywhere will feel safer, knowing that they're not going to be subject to Bond's red-faced pounding.

Why the hell doesn't Howard Dean get the appreciation he deserves? Hey! National Dems! You won two cycles because his ideas were the right ones, you fucking ingrates. And I'll tell you now...if you morons revert back to acting like we need to kiss your ring, we'll tell you to get bent and win elections all by yourselves. Fuck me over again, assholes, and see first hand that the easiest thing in the world for me to do is...nothing. And by the way...every time they ask me for money, they will get a return envelope with no donation, but a note saying "No Fifty State Strategy? No fifty dollar donation! I sent my red-state donation to DFA instead, where it will support candidates who support me."

This is hilarious Dick Cheney appeared before the congress to read the results of the electoral college vote to into the record. Just as he was about to move on to other business, Nancy Pelosi jumped out of her seat and started clapping, leaving Cheney standing there looking like he had just bitten into something nasty.

I knew this was out had to be I just hadn't seen it yet. Here is the scoop...there is no contingency that the Air Force doesn't have a flow chart for, it's just what they do. So when I stumbled across the counter-blogger flow chart at Wired today, I damn near doubled over laughing. Look, I love the Air Force and wouldn't take it out of my personal history for anything. I have had a great life and the Air Force has been a huge part of it. But I ain't ate up, but I know ate up when I see it, and there is a whole lot of the Air Force that sure as hell is. Let me give an example...In 1983, when we were billeted at Davis Monthan, the base was getting ready for a visit by a potentate (I think it might have been Nancy Reagan, but I can't say so with absolute certainty) and in the pre-visit spit-shining, the grounds crews fanned out and pruned every orange off of every orange tree on the base lest a tree drop fruit and litter the ground and offend our distinguished guest. Lets face it...It doesn't get much more ate up than bringing the fruit trees into compliance with AFR 35-10.

Max Boot won't stay gone Sweet Jesus, the only neocon with a worse track record than this douchebag is Bill Kristol, another gigantic tool who won't slink away to molest decent folk no more. Yet there he is, at the new Foreign Policy website, pissing and moaning over the lack of respect that the loathsome, criminal even, 'Bush Doctrine' receives. In an piece plaintively titled Whatever Happened to Preemption? he whines for nearly 2000 words that the United States should attack not just Iran, but Pakistan as well, to go after nuclear facilities.

But it looked so good on paper! Biofuel alternatives to manufacture petrol-based alternatives to power aircraft have been slow to yield up promising results. Jeff Gazzard of the Aviation Environment Federation raises serious questions about the safety and viability of aviation biofuels touted by the likes of Virgin Atlantic and, just this week, Continental. He says the push to develop them is at least in part corporate greenwashing by an industry desperate to appease its critics. "For us, the jury is still well and truly out as to whether either synthetic or biofuels are yet capable of being either entirely fail-safe for aviation use or environmentally sustainable in the longer term," Gazzard writes in his report, Bio-Fueled or Bio-Fooled

Gonzo blames a down economy for his continuing unemployment Yeah. That'w why his ass can't find a job. The fact that he is an incompetent doofus who undermined the very Department of Justice have nothing to do with his pariah status.


I had some problems with my google account that kept me locked out of the blog for the last several weeks. I have no idea how I fixed it, but apparently while I was dinking around with settings and stuff earlier today, I did something right.