Saturday, January 3, 2009

Repug Solution to Budget Crisis: Soak the Middle Class

It's not often that corporate-owned repugs come right out and admit that what they really want is income redistribution.

That is, redistribute the last pennies of the poor and middle class from them to the already too rich.

But some Kentucky repug lawmakers are out, loud and proud about their determination to re-create the feudal economy of the 13th century.

Amid the financial worries and talk of state shortfalls, some House Republicans are suggesting that now is the time to eliminate the state’s corporate and individual income taxes.

Not only that, but they’re also calling for dropping the sales tax from 6 cents to a nickel on every dollar of goods purchased.

So how will taking away all that revenue stabilize the shaky status of the state’s coffers?

The legislation drafted by Reps. Bill Farmer of Lexington and David Floyd of Bardstown would replace the income tax by spreading the sales tax to a host of services that are currently exempt, including plumbing, roofing and other contracting work, and some consulting work.

Brilliant! Absolutely fucking brilliant.

Because, of course, income and corporate taxes, minimal as they are, fall more heavily on the wealthy than the middle-class. And the sales tax, of course, takes a far greater percentage of income from the poor and middle-class than it does from the rich.

Vastly expanding the items subject to the sales tax while eliminating income and corporate taxes will create a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking money away from the middle-class and depositing it in the bank accounts of the rich.

Before you know it, everyone earning less than six figures will be economic sharecroppers, feudal serfs barely surviving on the crumbs that fall from the corporate lord's table.

While we're all weak from hunger, illness and despair, we won't even notice when the congressional servants of the plutocrats take away our rights to vote.

Congratulations, Rep. Farmer, on your plan. It's perfect!

Cross-posted at Blue in the Bluegrass.