Monday, January 26, 2009

What Do You Want on Your License Plate?

Ralph Long, the go-to blogger on the Kentucky General Assembly, has a suggestion for defusing the latest attempt by freakazoids to turn Kentucky into a Talibantastic theocracy.

Regarding two house bills that say precisely the same thing (why isn't legislative redundancy at least a misdemeanor carrying jail time?):

AN ACT relating to motor vehicle license plates. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 186 to establish an In God We Trust license plate as an alternate standard issue license plate; set forth design characteristics and eligibility standards; amend KRS 186.240 to conform; EFFECTIVE January 1, 2010

Long writes:

And finally under the redundant, why are they wasting time on this again, classification we have the burning need to change automobile license plates.

Here’s a suggestion, let’s allow anyone to put anything they want on a motor vehicle license plate, as long as the person is willing to pay for the plate. Kentucky can be the CafĂ© Press of state license plates.

Yes! Make mine read: "In the Flying Spaghetti Monster We Trust." Or "Put Not Your Faith in Invisible Sky Wizards." Or "My Physicist Can Beat Up Your God."

Long concludes: "I'm sure this idea will offend someone, freedom of speech usually does."

If I may add for the Constitutionally-impaired: it's not freedom of speech if people who disagree with it don't have access to the same forum. A bumper sticker reading "Steve Beshear is a Repug-Fellating Coward" is free speech. A license plate reading "In God We Trust" is government establishment of religion.

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