Tuesday, January 20, 2009

While Watching Inauguration, Thoughts Of A Long-Dead Sibling

My only sibling, a sister, was killed in an auto accident in 1981, only three weeks after Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as president. Today, while watching the inauguration of Barack Obama, I thought of her, and what she would think about America today if she's been watching this on some fourth-dimension TV set.

"An African-American president, in 2009? I thought it would take a century," I can almost hear her say. Then, during the parade, "They're a great-looking couple. Listen to the screams -- it's like Elvis came back from the dead. ..."

"Joe Biden? I remember that young smart-mouth from back in the Seventies. He was still in the Senate last year, and now he's vice president? Unbelievable."

I felt sad that my big sister, who would have been pushing 55 now, didn't live to see this day.

I also felt great pride in America, more pride than I've felt in a very long time.

After 28 mostly depressing years, it really is, at last, "morning in America." I hope you can see us now, Sis.

That's all.