Saturday, January 6, 2007

Watching Those We Chose Mission Statement


We have to be accountable, and we think our politicians should be held to the same standards. We do not want a replay of the craven perfidy of the 12 years of Republican perfidy and corruption that nearly sunk the ship of state.

Since this is a group blog, there are as many opinions and philosophies as there are contributors.

Many of us have our own blogs where we rant, endorse presidential primary candidates and take controversial positions. But here, we have asked our contributors to set those differences aside. The administrators of this blog have decided, as a group, that working to elect real Democrats to office, at all levels of government, is the best way to achieve the restoration of oversight and accountability.

We do not dismiss Democratic malfeasance, but apply standards of accountability across the board. We give no passes, and we keep our elected Democrats on a short leash. When they fail to meet our standards of what we think a Democrat ought to be, we will advocate for strong primary challengers.

But please! Don’t make the mistake of thinking of us as battered wives who keep coming back for more, because that would be totally wrong. Parole Officers would be a much more fitting description.