Saturday, March 31, 2007

Support for Gonzalez Continues to Erode

The drumbeat for Gonzalez to resign grew louder today when five-term GOP Rep. Lee Terry of Nebraska abandoned his support for the embattled Attorney General. "My views were was that this was Democrat(ic) posturing and a witch hunt," Terry said. "My trust in him in that position has taken a hit because of these contradictory statements by him." He went on "Frankly, until these statements came out that contradicted his first statement, I was backing him, saying that he shouldn't resign. Now I think that he should."

What I have been noticing is not so much a groundswell of Republicans crossing over to speak up and call for his resignation, but an utter lack of support from even the most stalwart GOP supporters. It's like even the true believers realize Gonzo is - well - Gonzo. All that is left is salvaging the Justice Department, so the true believers are just letting the AG stew in his own juices.

Off the record, the grumbling that he is sure taking his sweet time in shagging his sorry self up to the Hill and having a sit-down to explain his actions are getting louder. Lawmakers are non-plussed that he was called out by his former Chief of Staff and exposed as a liar; yet he plans to mosey on up to the hill on the 17th of April to clear the air - three weeks after Sampson's allegations under oath.

And those of us who learned by age ten that the ends don't justify the means are shaking our heads incredulously, wondering how the hell these people managed to get through life without going to prison young - let alone how they seized the levers of power for the nation.