Friday, June 1, 2007

Bartlett Bails on Bush

White House Counselor Dan Bartlett has announced his resignation, ostensibly to spend more time in the act of hands-on parenting of his three sons, all under age four.

WASHINGTON - Dan Bartlett, one of President Bush's most trusted advisers and his longest-serving aide, said Friday he is resigning to begin a career outside of government.

The move was announced on Bartlett's 36th birthday. He has been with Bush for nearly 14 years, from Bush's first campaign as governor of Texas, through two races for the White House and more than six years of a presidency marked by costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and an ongoing battle against terrorism.

Perhaps there is something to the child-rearing argument, or perhaps there is a quid pro quo at work – Rove gives up Griffin, and Bush gives up Bartlett? Sounds possible to me. Stranger things happen in Washington every day before breakfast.

And speaking of "before breakfast" – what is up with the timing of this announcement? What is coming later in the day that they want to slide by under the shadow cast by the exit of Bush’s longest-serving confidant?

A bit of free advice for Fredo – avoid small watercraft today.