Monday, August 20, 2007

Bradley Scholzman Moves On

We have blogged about Bradley Schlozman at least 17 times. I have spent seemingly endless hours researching his activities at the Department of Justice. His work in the field of voter suppression was ground breaking. His tireless struggle on behalf of the Republican party in the last election was the stuff of legends. Just imagine what it took to throw away the manual in order to throw the book at the ACORN four just before the November election. A more loyal Bushie couldn't be found. When he had a chance he made sure the right kind of Republicans were hired or promoted. I blogged about Bradley Schlozman until I became ill with the entire mess Karl has made of our Department of Justice.

Imagine my mixed emotions when I read at TPM that

Reached on his cell phone today, Schlozman confirmed that he'd left the Department last week, but refused to say anything more and then hung up.
Goodbye Bradley. I will miss you. I am sure there is a tenured position awaiting you at Regent Law School.