Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Czar For Every Season!

From the Homeland Security blog of Michael Chertoff we learn of the important announcement of the appointment of the latest Bush Administration czar. What? You didn't know the Crypt Keeper/Skeletor had his own blog? Oh yeah; it is called "The Leadership Journal". From Michael "What? There Is A Storm In New Orleans?" Chertoff? The jokes really write themselves.

Today, Secretary Rice and I appointed two experienced leaders to serve as senior advisors for Iraqi Refugee Affairs within our Departments. These individuals will report directly to us and guide our efforts to re-settle Iraqi citizens seeking asylum in the United States. (DOS, DHS)
Our new Iraqi Refugee Czars will make sure we meet both of these objectives, and that our re-settlement process moves forward swiftly and with our highest priority. We welcome your comments and appreciate your time.
Well, this just proves the prophecy of my comment during the frantic search for the war czar. There are getting to be so many czars in the Bush Administration that they clearly need a czar to keep track of all of them. A czar czar if you will. I again nominate Czar Czar Binks. Should he be nominated, but unwilling to serve; I then recommend Czar Czar Gabor.
Hat tip to Scout Prime at First Draft.