Saturday, April 28, 2007

Durbin Tells What He Knew About WMD 4 Years Late.

Senator Dick Durbin is now and during the run up to the Iraq war was a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Yesterday he dropped a bombshell on the Senate floor. It seems the Senate Intelligence Committee was being told the truth while the Administration was lying to the American people. They knew there was scant evidence of WMDs in Iraq. What is the point of having oversight from an intelligence committee if they are unwilling to actually provide oversight and blow the whistle. In my mind he is just as big a liar as Dick Chaney or President Bush. Every member of that whole f**king committee should resign the Senate--right now. Maybe in a while I will calm down, but right now I am pissed. Watch his confession and be just as angry as I am.

This is one time I wish I knew how to load video on this site. Cue Blue Girl.


UPDATED 4/29 @ 4:58 p.m.

Here is the youtube: