Saturday, June 23, 2007

Feeney Lawyers Up

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, Republican congressman Tom Feeney (FL-24) has set up a legal defense fund to pay for his ongoing legal fees. Feeney has been implicated in the Abramoff scandal, due in large part to a golf junket to Scotland in 2003. I've discussed the details of it here, here and here.

A story in the Orlando Sentinel details the fund set up. Here's what Feeney had to say:

"Department of Justice lawyers and our lawyers have been speaking. We will cooperate," the Oviedo Republican said Friday in a brief interview. He again denied that he is the target of a federal probe.

When asked why he established the fund, Feeney said he was being cautious and that money raised through the account would be used to "demonstrate conclusively that I always have acted with honesty and integrity."

And even though the reporter didn't ask the obvious, Leonard Joseph, the executive director of the Florida Democratic Party did:
If he didn't do anything wrong and isn't the target of an FBI investigation, as he claims, why would he set up a legal-expense fund?"

Here's another question. How do you incur over $23,000 in legal bills in two months if you're not under investigation? That's what his office is reporting he spent in February and March.

The article continues the comparison between Feeney's golf trip and under-reporting to the same activity that got Bob Ney in hot water. I think this is just about right.
Abramoff organized a similar Scotland golfing trip in 2002 for former Rep. Bob
Ney, an Ohio Republican convicted last year for accepting favors from Abramoff
in exchange for congressional action.
It's sad that Feeney continues to underestimate the entire population of the US. We can add 2+2. Let's do the math.

Jack Abramoff + FBI investigation + Golf Junket + Legal Fees = Indictment
It may take a while but, based on other Abramoff indictment time lines, Feeney's indictment seems about two months away.