Saturday, June 23, 2007

The “Schmuck Talk Express” caves to lobbyists

Gee, shock me that John McCain has feet of political clay. From Huffington Post:

John McCain, who made his name attacking special interests, has more lobbyists working on his staff or as advisers than any of his competitors, Republican or Democrat. …

All told, there are 11 current or former lobbyists working for or advising McCain, at least double the number in any other campaign. …

A Huffington Post examination of the campaigns of the top three presidential candidates in each party shows that lobbyists are playing key roles in both Democratic and Republican bids — although they are far more prevalent on the GOP side. But, all the campaigns pale in comparison to McCain's, whose rhetoric stands in sharp contrast to his conduct.

“Too often the special interest lobbyists with the fattest wallets and best access carry the day when issues of public policy are being decided,” McCain asserts on his website, declaring that he “has fought the ‘revolving door’ by which lawmakers and other influential officials leave their posts and become lobbyists for the special interests they have aided.”

In actual practice, at least two of McCain's top advisers fit precisely the class of former elected officials he criticizes so sharply.

Nothing about McCain surprises me any more, to be honest.

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