Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beckham and Ullman--Two Irresistible Brits

My wife is the original soccer mom. Even though our daughter no longer plays, my wife is still hooked. We often go to Kansas City Wizards games along with 600-700 of our closest friends. Did you know you can catch most of the Wizards home games in Spanish?

Such is her passion that when we visited England a few years ago, along with Stonehenge, the Roman ruins in Bath, and any number of castles and cathedrals, we toured Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United. We actually visited the locker room and she sat on the bench where Old Golden Boot donned his uniform. Our visit to the Theater of Dreams was the highlight of her trip.

Tracey Ullman does Posh and Becks.

Actually the highlight of the trip was watching our daughter play in the Gothia Cup, but that is a different story.