Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bill Richardson's Video Campaign So Far

If you think Bill Richardson is the best qualified person in the campaign either you have carefully studied the backgrounds of all the candidates or you have watched this campaign commercial.

Without any doubt Bill Richardson has the best resume in the 2008 presidential race. Considering the all stars the Democrat have fielded, that is quite an accomplishment. The Republicans can't point to a single candidate with a comparable background.

It is equally true that the Job Interview and Tell Me ads (they are actually two 30 second spots run together) are the two best ads of the campaign so far. Richardson has a third making the same argument. It is also pretty good.

OK, Bill is the best qualified person for the job. As the Joe Biden commercial suggests, the news media is treating the 2008 campaign like we are electing a class president. How does Bill get our attention?

Well, he has two of the better issue ads on the Internet. Stand Up, the ad I have embed below, is a dignified call for an end to the Iraq war. It seems to embody Richardson's character. Unfortunately, as of this posting, the ad has only been viewed 5,926 times.

His second issue ad entitled Do you have the next big energy idea? has been featured on YouTube. Although only a week older than his Iraq war ad it has been watched 326,595 times. It is a few seconds too long and just a little clunky.

Sadly, none of Richardson's ads reach out, grab me by the throat and tell me why I have to vote for Bill Richardson. Maybe a quiet and competent candidate can't be elected President. On the other hand, it is July 29, 2007. Bill still has time.