Sunday, July 29, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day-- July 29, 2007

We have been kicking around how we are going to handle the Campaign Video of the Day. We have decided that each morning we will post the Campaign Video of the Day from the previous day's nominees. At the same time we will post links (but not the videos) to each day's reader nominated videos. Every Saturday we will conduct a reader poll of the previous weeks winners to determine Video of the Week. We will announce the winner on Sunday morning. Nominees will remain eligible until selected Campaign Video of the Day. If your nominee is not selected on Monday, fill free to nominate it again on Tuesday. We aren't promising to select it, but we certainly understand that there will be days when two or more truly outstanding videos are nominated and days when all of the nominees suck.

This video is from the Chris Dodd. It was produced by his campaign, but it is so funny it couldn't be overlooked.

Chris Dodd's White Hare

Our nominee's included Mike Gravel: CNN is dragging YouTube down posted by techRepublican, and Say NO to the NWO (No WOMEN Officials) Vote HILLARY! posted by olivia4058.

You can email entries to subject: "Campaign Video of the Day."

We don't care if the videos are not posted on YouTube, but we do need embed code and proof that the video can be replayed without violating someone's copyright. Entries should be original, entertaining and informative. We will consider campaign produced videos, but such videos will be held to a higher standard. Nominees don't have to be limited to the 2008 Presidential Campaign. If you want to nominate a video focused on a state or local race, go for it. We reserve the right not to post a link to a video nominee, and we won't if we judge the video to be in bad taste. WTWC is the soul arbiter of that judgment. Since we are not giving anything away, WTWC writers, staff and their families are eligible and encouraged to nominate and/or produce videos. If Blue Girl ever makes money available for prizes, we reserve the right to change the rules. Right now we want just want to have fun.

We intend to have fun with this. Tell your friends and neighbors. Don't forget the guy in the next cubicle.

Again the email address is