Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gates Distances Himself From Edelman

Greg Sargent is reporting that TPM has received an email from Defense Secretary Robert Gates distancing himself from an under secretary Eric Edelman's assertion that Senator Hillary Clinton's public questions about Pentagon troop withdrawal plans are aiding the enemy. The full text of the email posted at TPM Election Central says

“I have long been a staunch advocate of Congressional oversight, first at the CIA and now at the Defense Department. I have said on several occasions in recent months that I believe that congressional debate on Iraq has been constructive and appropriate. I had not seen Senator Clinton’s reply to Ambassador Edelman’s letter until today. I am looking into the issues she raised and will respond to them early next week.”
It has been reported that Edelman is a Cheney protege with an office festooned with Cheney photos. I have heard that Gates is not a Cheney protege. By the way I love the word "festooned." It is so appropriate.