Friday, July 20, 2007

A Hint To Harry Reid--This is 2007, You Don't Need To Depend On Diane Sawyer To Spread Your Video Message

Last night I was stunned to learn that the Senate Democrats hadn't made sure there was clean, clear video of Senator Reid, or some photogenic Democrat of his choosing, announcing why the Democratic leadership pulled the Defense Authorization Bill available on YouTube within minutes of the announcement. The video could have anticipated and dealt with the Republican response. Bloggers could and would have spread the Democratic message across the Internet.

I guess the Senator Reid and the Senate Democrats depended on the MSM to help spread their message, but it seems the big media companies universally elected to show the Republican responses provided by Senators Kyl and McCain. Clips of Kyl and McCain seemed to be the only ones readily available for use by bloggers.

Senator Reid, maybe you haven't heard, but according to ClickZNews, citing a Pew survey, during the 2006 election cycle "31 percent of all Americans, and 46 percent of the country's Internet users" used the internet to gain campaign information and exchange political views. That is a lot of people. It includes nearly all the political activists in the Democratic party. You do not need to depend exclusively on the mainstream media to get your message out. You can do it yourself.

Video cameras are cheap. Almost any teenager and many college graduates can learn how to upload video to YouTube. Lots of people on your staff can assemble a list of relevant email addresses. The next time you are confronted with an MSM road block, simply give your youngest intern a video camera, some relatively cheap video editing equipment, and a computer with internet access. Before long she and her friends will be providing interesting content to all of the blogs.

Don't expect every blogger to use your video, and don't expect every one of them to toe the party line. They won't, but there are so darn many bloggers, your message will spread like wildfire.

Senator Reid, you won't have to depend on big media gatekeepers like Tim Russert, Katie Couric, Brit Hume and their bosses to make sure your video message is distributed. You can do it yourself.