Monday, July 16, 2007

Cindy Sheehan cut-off symbolizes all that’s wrong with Daily Kos as a site and Markos as a person

Note: This blogger was booted from Kos more than a year ago, for the reasons of: pointing out (along with others) Kos’ good friend Armando’s corporate legal clients of the right wing of corporate America; talking too much (maybe at all) about the Green Party; and generally being too independent-minded.

Anyway, as long as “Der Kossenfuehrer” picks only Democratic winners, not people with ideas, and wants to maintain control of the website that way, contrary to “Kossacks’” blind claims that it’s “their” website by his grace, things like the “censorship” of Cindy Sheehan, as long as she is determined to oppose Nancy “Eva Braun” Pelosi, will remain problematic.

Kos has had plenty of Democrats, or staff members, right regular diaries, so it’s not a thing about politicians. And, I know it isn’t censorship, as it’s a private site; hence, the “censorship” in scare quotes.

Nonetheless …

OK, now that I’ve rolled out that little hand grenade, let the fur fly.