Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Campaign Video of the Day--August 8, 2007

This video wasn't nominated. It is too new. It is a wonderful example of just why the MSM and the big campaign teams should be scared to death of YouTube this election cycle. Here, within a few hours, a blogger has put out a powerful video using clips from the AFL-CIO debate. Somebody at Team Clinton is going to spend some time today figuring out how to counter Why I Don't Trust Clinton on Iraq. If they don't they might find themselves spending twice as much time on the issue tomorrow.

This video was produced and posted late last night by well known blogger Matt Stoller of Open Left. Today's campaign video of the day.

Both Matt Yglesias and I made similar points in posts last night, but Stoller's video is what could change the debate and what the Team Clinton can't ignore.

I am really looking for nominations from our readers. The more the merrier.

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