Friday, August 3, 2007

"The Cocktail Weenie Dimension"

I have just read a comment in one of Kevin Drum's threads that sounds like a lot of people I know. To put the comment in context, earlier today Kevin posted on the nature of the netroots. According to Kevin what is happening now is "powered by a lot of bog ordinary moderate liberals who have been radicalized by George Bush and the Newt Gingrichized Republican Party."

Some comments are just too good to be lost in a comment's thread.

I think a lot of journalists (though I don't mean to include Hertzberg here) don't quite get this because they haven't quite internalized just how far off the rails the modern Republican Party has gone. Kevin Drum at 12:38 PM

Man, you aint kidding. In saner times, I would have been called a moderate Republican. Now, because I oppose the bat-shit crazies in charge, I have been accused of being a mao-ist loving liberal.

If being liberal means thinking objectively and supporting the spirit of the constitution then I am a liberal.

Proudly so.

The problem for the 27% is they have so demonized every one that doesn't agree with their barking mad worship of authoritarian rule, that we are all liberals now.

Except for the press corpse, who lives in some alternate reality.

Call it the cocktail weenie dimension.
Posted by: SnarkyShark on August 3, 2007 at 12:52 PM
SnarkySnark, friend you are not alone.

This week the Kansas Republican party created a "loyalty committee" and a leading Republican contender for Missouri attorney general just left the party because he couldn't stomach the far right wing agenda. All of the fired U.S. Attorneys were Republicans who put their duty to America ahead of their party loyalty.

The press corp living in the cocktail weenie dimension seems to think the population has moved left. Guys most of us haven't moved left, the Republican faithful have just moved into their own right wing reality.

Lots of us listen to jackasses like Bill O'Reilly or Ann Coulter braying that folks like us are far lefties and wonder what the hell happened to America.