Monday, August 27, 2007

Political Incest Among the Anti-McConnell-ites

Hoo, baby. Turns out that Larry Forgy, the most likely Republican to challenge Mitch McConnell in a primary next year, is a dear, close law-school buddy of -

Wait for it -

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"Harry and I both worked our way through law school," Forgy said. Both served in the U.S. Capitol security detail, working 4 p.m. to midnight.

"We were very close," Forgy said.

And Forgy wrote a $1,000 check to Reid's re-election campaign in 1998 -- the same year McConnell served as chairman of the National Senatorial Campaign Committee that was trying to beat Reid and other Democrats. Reid ended up beating Republican U.S. Rep. John Ensign by about 500 votes that year.

Ditch Mitch notes that a Forgy-McConnell battle could rip wide open the rifts in the Kentucky Republican Party caused by McConnell's quiet backing of Anne Northup agains Governor Ernie Fletcher in this spring's primary.

The key is to understand how hated Mitch McConnell is in substantial factions of the Kentucky GOP (he’s very hated). In a primary election where turnout among McConnell Republicans might be suppressed because their man is the embodiment of everything about their party that turns their stomach these days and Forgy loyalists who hate McConnell with a passion and will turnout if for no other reason to cause McConnell trouble, it will be an interesting election..

Never a dull moment around here.