Monday, August 27, 2007

Sustained Outrage

Kentucky blogger Logical Negativism has a great post on Salon's Water-Is-Wet article of the day, about how dems need to stand up to Bush and show voters some passion if they want to win next year. No mention by Salon, of course, about how the lefty blogosphere has been screaming this exact demand since, oh, 2002.

Too many of the commenters expressed an understandable doubt that dems will ever be able to discover their balls, regenerate their spines and start appealing to voters desperate for Proud Progressives.

But Logical Negativism, bless his heart, hasn't given up, summoning an admirable level of outrage that puts liberal cynicism to shame.

I know it's arguable that the very qualities that caused you to choose to be a Dem to begin with might also be the very reasons that being tough in public discourse is so distasteful to you (and conversely, those qualities that make a person a Rep are exactly the ones that allow them to use such disgusting rhetoric etc. with no apparent pangs of conscience.)

But listen: if you get nothing else from this article, and my comment, and that of the others who are before and after me, get this:

You MUST learn to be sonsabitches when dealing with the Reps, or you will cease to exist as a political entity.

And so might America as a nation. Or at least as the nation we've thought we were for 200+ years.

Good reminder that some things cannot be said too often or too loudly.